Multiband Spectrum Analyzer

JMA Wireless’ Multiband Spectrum Analyzer (MSA) is an innovative and efficient solution to remotely monitor and optimize the Quality of Service (QoS) delivered by Teko DAS components. The MSA addresses uplink and downlink signal quality issues, such as uplink noise level rise and hard-to-detect degrading interferences.   The equipment’s 24 wideband (700MHz to 2.7GHz) input ports can be connected to the Teko active point of interface and optical modules to provide high-end spectrum analyzers, measuring and recording the RF spectrum for each sector and remote unit. The real-time spectrum display of selected frequencies can be remotely viewed by multiple users by simply logging into the MSA web-based GUI.

Performance-degrading interferences can be identified more quickly and costly repeat visits to DAS sites reduced, lowering the overall operating costs. Spectrum data can be recorded all the time so that users can view and analyze the spectrum health at their convenience. The MSA can also be easily added to existing systems to optimize their performances and improve maintenance and troubleshooting tasks.