TEKO™ – Intelligent RF Distribution

As the world grows ever more dependent on mobile wireless technology, owners of venues like stadiums, skyscrapers, and subways repeatedly choose JMA Wireless TEKO™ Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) to stay connected.  Our TEKO™ platform delivers maximum performance, supporting multiple operators, with the flexibility to adapt coverage and capacity in any venue on an event-by-event basis.  In combination with our XRAN® virtualized RAN software, the TEKO™ platform serves as an intelligent RF distribution system optimizing spectrum efficiency and empowering venue owners.


Multi-Operator System

The JMA Wireless TEKO™ DAS platform is a multi-band, multi-operator architecture that provides a wide range of flexible and reliable solutions for cellular coverage and capacity distribution. Today’s venues need to consider multi-operator solutions to satisfy all their visitors, employees, and fans and their multiple devices requiring cellular service. Our DAS platform saves time and money by delivering multiple operators, bands, and technologies to the remote units all on a single strand of fiber optic cable. 

RF Signal Quality and Performance

Our TEKO™ DAS platform ensures high signal quality with amplifiers that are technology-agnostic. We’re known for our best-in-class EVM (Error vector magnitude) performance, low PIM passive intermodulation, and low noise figure. Future wireless networks demand quality signal and performance to maximize coverage and capacity for their users. 

Multi-Technology Support (LTE, 5G)

The JMA Wireless platform is 5G-ready, with many features that make it the DAS of choice when considering support for future networks. Our Digital Electricity advantage and passive optical network functions allow for the powering, deployment, and use of Internet-of-Things sensors and devices. We are keenly focused on new wireless access methods, to give you the LTE speed necessary in today’s fast-paced world. 

Modular Venue Design Flexibility

The JMA Wireless conceptual design is technically superior because it ensures a future-proof architecture, thanks to system modularity, enabling the easy addition of carriers and frequency bands, and a “pay as you grow” option. Our smallest footprint-in-the-market saves rack space, lowers build costs, and allows our customers to tackle challenging environments such as tunnels, underground areas, and high-capacity venues.

Software Defined Remote Unit (SDRU)

The Industry’s First Software Defined Remote Unit 

Featuring the industry’s only Software Defined Radio Unit, we’ve eliminated the need for costly site visits as system upgrades can be done remotely, with no additional hardware or cabling. 

Unmatched Flexibility & Reduced Operational Costs

  • Licensed band support – Up to six (6) bands
  • Licensed power levels – per band
  • Integral FirstNet band support
  • Lowest EVM and excellent RF performance
  • NEMA4 / IP 66 packaging
  • Low noise figure
  • 5G technology ready

*SDRU credits required for portal access

Large Footprint / Distributed Antenna System (DAS) ROM

For convenience, JMA Wireless is providing this online resource to support early-stage estimation for large footprint DAS deployments. The tool provides basic solution modeling prior to detailed design requirement completion. Recently integrated, the tool includes flexible sizing on our industry-leading Software Defined Remote Unit (SDRU) platform.

  • Requires account registration. Projects with design requirements completed should refer inquiries to a JMA design team
  • Provides rough order of magnitude (ROM) solution for Distributed Antenna Systems
  • Free to use as a self-service resource
  • Minimum information required: Address, total area to cover (floors, square feet), number of users, building type (e.g. light office)

*Approved Customer Login Required