5G-Ready Antennas | Fast Roll-Off (FRO) Technology

JMA’s Fast Roll-Off (FRO) Antennas increase data throughput without compromising coverage. Adding clusters of JMA FRO Antennas increases the overall network efficiency.

JMA Fast Roll-Off (FRO) Antenna

Improved throughput from reduced interference due to less overlap. The horizontal beam produced by FRO technology increases the Signal to Interference & Noise Ratio (SINR) by eliminating overlap between sectors.

Legacy Antennas

Current industry antennas require more spectrum or more sites to provide the same level of throughput due to interference and signal degradation.

Spectrum Efficiency Degradation

If we use good “signal to noise” 20dB SINR as reference (for 100% throughput), we can expect the following results when poor SINR is found.

  • 18dB SINR is 90% throughput
  • 15dB SINR is 74% throughput
  • 10dB SINR is 50% throughput
  • 5dB SINR is 28% throughput
  • 0dB SINR is 16 % throughput

Maximize Network Performance

– Improve Throughput

– Increase Spectrum Efficiency

– Exceed Network KPIs

– Reduce SINR

– Maximizing High Power Radios

Fast Roll-Off Explained

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