5G technology is impacting almost every aspect of people’s daily lives, including the fan experience at sports and entertainment venues. New stadiums are being built with 5G ready technology in mind from the start while many existing venues are incorporating it to keep up with fan expectations, streamline operations, and level the playing field with their innovative counterparts.

We are all about the experience at Fiserv Forum and connectivity is hugely important. The DAS is the most important piece of technology in the arena, so that is why we deployed the JMA Wireless solution.”

Robert Cordova, Chief Technology Officer Milwaukee Bucks

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Fiserv Forum – Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA

Olympic Stadium – Rome, Italy

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Executive Summary:

Venues need more spectrum, now – and CBRS is one answer

By Paul Kapustka

Imagine this scenario: A sports venue eagerly awaits the launch date of its new mobile-device parking app, which will theoretically let fans quickly pay for parking with their phones at the gate. On the back end, the team will not only cut down on the traditional losses associated with cash transactions, but it will also reap reams of digital data on its customers’ parking habits that can be used for future analysis. At least in theory…