Today’s high performance remote radio heads (RRH) are consuming more power than ever to deliver the capacity and reliability customers have come to expect. This increased demand introduces new challenges in providing the correct voltage and power to the radio head. JMA Wireless PowerBoost uses innovative intelligence to monitor the radio power load and automatically adjust voltage to the radios, ensuring maximum efficiency during power delivery.

Support Next Generation High Power Radios

Innovative Technology

  • Smallest industry footprint, 66% smaller than competitive solutions
  • Fully modular system for future growth
  • Fastest installation time, plug & play ready
  • 1+1 Redundancy Capable

Key Benefits

  • Allows the use of current cable infrastructure for radio upgrades
  • Decreases AWG or count needed for larger dual band or HP radios
  • Reduces space and weight load issues associated with adding equipment to the tower
  • Avoids additional tower leasing costs
  • Provides engineering flexibility in system design
  • Easy to install and retrofit

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