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80% of Mobile Use is Indoors
Getting 5G Millimeter Waves Inside is Hard

Problem 1

Massive Bandwidth = Large Radios

Outdoor Macro Environment

Large Radios Work Fine on Poles…

Everyday Indoor Environment

…But you can’t use them inside

Problem 2

Tiny Waves = No Indoor penetration

Introducing IOTA

The power of millimeter wave technology within the industry's smallest footprint.


24, 28, 39 GHz support

4CC 100MHz MIMO 2x2

128 beamformed antennas

Multi GB speeds; 10 Gbps Ethernet support

Panel Design, IP66 Rated, Passive Cool


Multiple Mount options

Dual SFP - Fiber to Antenna, Ethernet

Virtualized CU and DU

Onboard XEON DU processing

Software only upgrade to Standalone (SA) support

Coupled with XRAN, IOTA enables millimeter wave technology in any indoor location

Fully Integrated 4G / 5G Architecture