JMA is adhering to all CDC and WHO regulations in order to mitigate COVID-19 risk. The safety of our employees remains top priority.

Given JMA manufactures critical telecommunication equipment, JMA has received an exception from the recent New York State Executive Order, mandating workforce reduction, and will continue to manufacture at full strength. We remain committed to our customers during this unprecedented time.

JMA is not currently experiencing product delivery delays:  

  • Design and development as well as after-sales/repair services remain operational with protective measures in place
  • Manufacturing and delivery are not currently impacted. We are closely monitoring shipments from suppliers and will update all customers should that change. To mitigate supply risk, we are working closely with alternative global suppliers.

JMA has and will continue to diligently apply CDC and WHO guidelines and has introduced the following measures in all global locations:

  • Daily area sanitization, mandatory social distancing, full ban on employee gathering. Our work environments are configured in a manner to support social distancing
  • Manufacturing employees, including warehouse and shipping, use gloves and sanitizing products
  • Work schedules have been adjusted to allow JMA to be fully operational, while minimizing the required number of employees in work areas

TEKO shipments from Italy remain safe:

  • Standard product shipment time is 2 weeks, meeting the criteria to deem surfaces safe
  • For shipments by air, transfer from Italy to Liverpool, NY takes at least 7 days, sufficient time to remove surface risk
  • TEKO products, as a part of our rigorous performance testing, are burned-in at surface temperatures of 50°C / 122°F and tested for 2.5 days, additionally reducing surface risk

Shipments into and out of Liverpool, NY are also safeguarded using the following measures:

  • Increased office cleaning intervals at the recommended CDC and WHO high-touch cleaning level
  • Increased disinfectant wipe supply for all employees. All employees are following the CDC and WHO hygiene protocol
  • Workforce staggering and social distancing. Manufacturing work stations already support the recommended social distance criteria