The trajectory toward the demands of 5G performance combined with the need for smarter business in the network means operators need more agility, new service and deployment models, open and flexible elements of their network, and as much virtualization as possible to leverage software economics. JMA Wireless is the first to deliver a complete, integrated, virtualized architecture to empower the new 5G ultra-wideband network for every type of venue.

XRAN™ Reinvents In-Building Mobile Connectivity


Intel® Network Builders ecosystem partner JMA Wireless has launched XRAN™, a 100 percent software platform that provides the cellular RF source, a key element of the overall system. Running on Intel processor-based servers and delivered as a software solution, XRAN™ is a new and innovative solution for indoor cellular coverage and capacity. It brings cloud economics to the RAN function, enabling high capacity support for multiple operators and differentiated services for public venues and enterprise buildings.

5G Technology Solutions