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Enterprise / Private Networks

CBRS - A Connection to the Future

5G Upgradeable

Software-based design allows faster upgrades to 5G. No new hardware required.


One radio covers up to 20K sqft, 8X WIFI. A single XRAN® shelf powers up to 250K square feet.

Speed & Performance

150MHz of bandwidth supporting speeds >1GB.

Slice & Monetize

Network slicing allows you to flexibly carve bandwidth to use or sell.


Superior LTE / 5G cellular grade security.


Fewer radios, fewer wires. Get up and running quickly. Managed Service Options.

One Deployment, Extreme Flexibility

Initial Customer Deployment -
  • Open access, controlled by the Enterprise
  • Single install - 1 Radio system, less wires
  • 100% Bandwidth Support (up to 150 MHZ)
  • 100% Common Software
Flexibly Expand and
+ 60MHz CBRS - public user
+ Carrier A - collocate 15MHz AWS
+ Carrier B - collocate 15MHz PCS
+ Monetize 60MHz of CBRS
Using today's model
Each carrier solution requires separate:
- Radios, Wire Runs, Basebands, Software, and Feature support

- 3X the SPACE
- 3X times the WIRES / INSTALL
- 3X the POWER

Introducing CellHub™


Multi-carrier, Multi-band, Mid-power radio

Supports 1900, AWS-3, AWS-4, and CBRS

Flexible Band Configurations

Up to 150 MHz total bandwidth


Daisy Chain Capability

Fiber connected for max throughput support

Indoor Single Radio coverage up to 20K square feet

Standalone deployment or in conjunction with DAS

Intelligently Bridge Technology, Remove Complex Wiring

With a single deployment, private network owners can un-tether their entire building with a single set of CBRS capable CellHub™ radios.

Flexibility means monetization

With a single plug in point, connect as many partners as demand requires.
Create secure, dedicated wireless connections on demand, monetizing your bandwidth or adding features to public connections

Private networks provide the ability to define up to fifteen 10MHz lanes, each providing up to 75 Megabits per second.