NWAV™ filters take size, weight, and performance to an unprecedented level.  Full spectrum coverage, simplified installation, guaranteed noise-free operation and designed with JMA Wireless  4.3-10 connector technology

Innovative RF Conditioning Technology

  • Significantly Smaller Footprint – Decreases tower space with a footprint as much as three times smaller than competitive offerings, which lowers lease costs and reduces weight.

  • Broad Spectrum Support – 555MHz through 2700Mhz supported, including the recent AWS-3, 2.5Ghz and 2.7Ghz bands, and future proofed to support the upcoming 600MHz band.
  • Smart AISG Signal Routing – Port DC detection automatically routes signal to AISG devices, easing installation by eliminating DC blocks and manual signal routing.

  • 4.3-10 Small Form Factor Connectors – Provide superior PIM performance, JMA Wireless weather protection system compatibility, and IP67 performance even when unmated.

  • Superior Return Loss and Port Isolation – Return loss of 22dB, with 60dB of input isolation, maximizes system performance by minimizing harmful noise.

  • QR-Link Test Data – Allows field engineers to utilize mobile phones and QR code readers to immediately access measure test results for any device.

Multi-band Combiners

    High – Low
    AWS – PCS
    600/700 – 850
    Low – AWS – PCS
    600/700 – 850 – High
    600/700 – 850 – AWS – PCS