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Emergency Mechanical Ventilation System

JMA led a joint effort with Dr. John Callahan and Syracuse University to quickly develop an emergency mechanical ventilation system.  This emergency system is designed to augment existing ventilator supply in the short term, providing key basic ventilation functions to relieve doctors of the need to make life-and-death decisions due to a ventilator shortage. JMA has formed PREVAIL NY, LLC to support design and manufacture of this system.

In pre-clinical testing, PREVAIL NY™ was able to provide and restore ventilation in acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) damaged lungs, an advanced symptom of COVID-19.

Emergency Mechanical Ventilation System

PREVAIL NY™ utilizes an FDA approved manual resuscitator kit known as a BVM (bag valve mask) or AMBU™ bag, that hospitals carry in quantity. PREVAIL NY supports the low tidal volume ventilation (LTTV) strategy for acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), as used in patients with COVID 19. This device provides control of three key ventilation functions: Respiratory Rate (breaths per minute), Tidal Volume (how much air is delivered) and Inspiratory/Expiratory (I/E) Ratio (inhale to exhale ratio). The device is compatible with components that retain humidification and offer HEPA filtration. The plans for this device are available as a free, open-source design for manufacturers globally.


Manufacturing design and component list are open-sourced. Download plans below.

Download PREVAIL NY™ Documentation



Open-Source Files


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