Today’s property managers are always looking for an edge to stay at the top of the highly competitive commercial real estate market. Seventy-seven percent of tenants say they would sign a longer lease with an office complex offering superior wireless connectivity infrastructure.  JMA Wireless has become a trusted partner of REITs around the world, choosing to deploy our multiple operator supporting TEKO™ DAS platform. With our 100% software XRAN™ platform commercial office properties can cost effectively support all of today’s wireless network needs as well as be ready for 5G.

We chose JMA Wireless because they are a good partner, and their solutions met the requirements on the project.  The deployed TEKO™ DAS offers a path forward to support 5G via upgrading, and thus will not need to be ‘ripped and replaced’ to support new technology and services.”

Glen Baxley, Vice President Connectivity Wireless

WHITE PAPER: Navigating 5G Technology


Over the last few years enterprises have been radically transforming to become more dependent on mobile connectivity and leveraging technology for smarter buildings and smarter business.

5G will be the enabler, supporting not only the insatiable cellular demands of today’s employees, but also Massive IoT. With 5G, up to 1 million connected devices per .38 square miles can be supported versus approximately 2,000 connected devices per .38 square miles with 4G .

In this paper we will not only explore 5G goals and challenges, but also what enterprise CIOs must do now to ensure their companies are ready to ride the 5G wave.

The need for reliable in-building wireless mobile connectivity is especially prominent in a fast-paced industry like life sciences, where scientific breakthroughs and everyday lab operations rely on the ability to communicate in real time.

That’s why JMA Wireless, a New York-based mobile connectivity firm, is working to integrate its TEKO Distributed Antenna Systems, or DAS, into life sciences.

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