DAS & ODAS Antennas

JMA Wireless offers a full portfolio of distributed antenna system (DAS) and outdoor DAS (ODAS) antennas to enhance wireless coverage and capacity in heavily populated venues and on campuses, which demand concentrated cellular coverage.  The antennas combine superior mechanical performance with discreet design; therefore, mobile network operators and enterprise customers alike select JMA Wireless for their DAS/ODAS needs.


  • Models available with Fast Roll Off (FRO) patterns
  • Wide band frequency ranges for global usage
  • Low Passive Intermodulation (PIM)


  • Wide selection of options including concealment solutions
  • Models offered with integrated diplexers
  • Reduced RF ports to minimize cabling and operational costs

The wide range of custom antenna models and mounting solutions ensure fast installation and robust system performance.  JMA Wireless preserves venue aesthetics yet still provides consistent wireless coverage and capacity to ensure a superior end-user experience.