For new networks to become a truly transformative, they must be flexible in frequency support and compact enough to deploy in any scenario, indoors or out. Unlike traditional network equipment the technology must be founded on software that enables extreme agility and an entirely different operations experience.

The industry is moving swiftly towards new levels of user performance, hundreds of new devices that will connect to the network, and uses that require extremely fast response times such as self driving vehicles. To bolster new 5G innovation, the world is opening spectrum to accelerate the growth of this new economy. For example, in United States the FCC has launched the 5G FAST Plan and is opening up significant new spectrum to accelerate the 5G economy in the U.S.

JMA Wireless is the first American company with complete LTE and 5G technologies that address the full range of spectrum, from 600MHz up to 47GHz, and is the only company that has delivered RAN as 100% virtualized software technology. The result is the only fully integrated architecture that addresses both non-standalone and standalone 5G systems for inbuilding, large venues, and outdoor 5G and LTE, while addressing the emerging demand to move RAN assets towards software virtualization, and continuing to drive intelligence to the edge of the network.