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JMA’s TEKO DAS Expands Capability on the Industry’s Only Software-Defined Platform

Software-Defined Solution supports up to 9 bands, creating best-in-class capital and performance flexibility

Syracuse, NY – February 20, 2020JMA, a U.S innovator of 4G and 5G technology, has extended the capabilities of its next-generation software-centric solution portfolio, announcing a 9 band software-defined remote unit (SDRU) on its TEKO DAS platform.

Efficiently building and growing large footprint solutions requires cost-effectively addressing what is needed today, as well as providing a seamless path to critical upgrades when required. JMA’s software-defined remote units address those key elements directly, supporting software deployment flexibility across 9 bands, removing the need to deploy all bands and full power Day 1. Deferring future need-based capacity allows platform owners to deploy a cost-effective solution to address immediate connectivity needs while retaining the ability to upgrade future bandwidth and broader feature capabilities on the fly. This approach provides greater utility of platform warranties as well, deferring warranty start on unused bands until they are activated.

Using software-defined remotes, band and broadcast power growth is available through a simple remote software update, an approach that saves up to 50% of initial deployment costs. Furthering the benefit, maintenance windows are minimized, and cost drivers, such as complex site visits, new capacity commissioning, and cabling, are eliminated, netting more up-time and saving thousands on capital and operating expenses.

JMA is in the process of providing field-based product roadshows highlighting the TEKO platform and will be continuing direct customer engagement opportunities throughout the year.

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JMA is a U.S.-based design and manufacturing company with presence in more than 20 locations worldwide. JMA builds next-generation communication systems, delivering the industry’s most powerful technologies enabling 4G and 5G networks worldwide. JMA’s XRAN™ leads the industry with the only 100 percent software-based RAN platform, combined with TEKO™, NWAV, and RF distribution technologies. JMA’s millimeter wave IOTA platform provides a best-in-class radio footprint for indoor 5G deployments. For more information, see or follow us on Twitter @JMAwireless.

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