SYRACUSE, N.Y., May 13, 2021 – JMA Wireless (JMA), a revolutionary American wireless technology company, was today awarded the Small Cell Forum (SCF) Social Impact award for promoting socio-economic-environmental development through the recently deployed JMA private network in the City of Tucson, Arizona. JMA’s private network technology was recognized as a model for municipal connectivity services and for efforts that help close the digital divide.

“The judges reviewed many smart city deployments but found JMA’s Tucson network to be particularly impressive because of its scale and its ability to support a wide range of applications and stakeholders, with an emphasis on bridging the digital divide and bringing high-quality connectivity to Tucson’s poorest communities,” according to Small Cell Forum.

For cities like Tucson, where 32,000 households lack reliable internet access and over 10,000 households have no internet connection at all, tackling the digital divide requires bold action and cutting-edge technology. That’s why Tucson partnered with JMA to develop the solution.

“We are proud that our work in Tucson has been recognized by the Small Cell Forum,” said John Mezzalingua, CEO of JMA. “We believe that our software-based private network deployment can serve as a model for cities to leverage Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS), expand access to high-quality, high-speed connectivity, and advance digital equity for all.”

JMA leverages a one-of-a-kind solution to maximize the potential of CBRS and create a private wireless network for Tucson. JMA’s XRAN system and CellHub radio facilitate internet connectivity through CBRS over much larger areas and with far greater security than Wi-Fi offers. XRAN is a revolutionary technology that enables high-performance, carrier-grade wireless coverage in the densest environments using software alone. And, the JMA solutions will allow Tucson to upgrade its wireless infrastructure easily and cost-effectively over time. Instead of replacing large amounts of costly hardware for every upgrade, Tucson can simply update its software, ensuring the city’s wireless infrastructure is flexible for the future.

JMA’s support for the Tucson initiative brings free, public internet access to 5,000 households, largely in school districts most affected by the digital divide. This year, JMA will continue its work to deliver connectivity to more public areas in the city. With help from JMA, Tucson is extending an economic lifeline to its most vulnerable citizens and preparing its wireless infrastructure for smart city applications.

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A disruptive force in the wireless industry, JMA is restoring U.S. leadership in wireless technology at a critical time in the transition to 5G. Based in Syracuse, New York, JMA makes the world’s most advanced software-based 5G platform, which it designs, codes, and manufactures in the United States. JMA’s cutting-edge technology—most notably a revolutionary software solution called XRAN—is ushering in a new era of innovation and connectivity for businesses, workers, and ultimately consumers. For more information, visit

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