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JMA’s TEKO™ Platform Delivers Unique Large Venue Support for New T-Mobile and DISH Bands

Platform provides the only large indoor coverage and capacity solution supporting 100% of key spectrum – full range 2.5GHz mid band for New T-Mobile as well as AWS-4 DISH spectrum

Syracuse, NY – March 2, 2020JMA, a U.S innovator of 4G and 5G technology, confirmed unique industry support of two critical indoor deployment spectrum bands for New T-Mobile and DISH. Part of a future-ready design approach, the TEKO platform supports the full range of available 2.5GHz mid-band for New T-Mobile as well as AWS-4, a deployment band available for DISH.

For large multi-carrier spaces, pre-building the capability to serve all current and future bands from every carrier has never been more important. Since 2017, JMA’s TEKO™ platform has offered the industry’s highest total bandwidth and broadest set of carrier bands, including anticipated spectrum needs across both 4G and future 5G. JMA has delivered systems for over 400 large venues with these extended band capabilities, creating a ‘plug and play’ option that allows New T-Mobile and DISH to take advantage of their spectrum assets as fast as possible.

The sheer size of the 2.5 GHz band becomes problematic for bandwidth-sensitive platforms, many of which have single band limitations of 80MHz. The result is a choice between supporting less than half the available average bandwidth of New T-Mobile’s 2.5GHz or requiring a costly upgrade. If the single band limitation is solved, the same platforms are faced with total system bandwidth limitations of 320MHz which also drive additional system upgrades. JMA’s TEKO™ platform has no bandwidth limitations and supports even the most spectrum rich 2.5GHz license areas, some of which offer nearly 200MHz of bandwidth.

The same TEKO™ platform supports AWS-4, an available deployment band for DISH. As a new carrier, the need for network deployment speed and coverage are especially critical in areas that support large concentrations of potential customers. These areas, like stadiums and arenas, are typically the most complex in terms of access and upgrade timing. Any short-term path to access provides immediate value.

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