SYRACUSE, N.Y., August 24, 2021 – Ahead of the annual Pro Football Hall of Fame game on August 5, 2021, JMA Wireless (JMA) and ExteNet deployed the world’s first in-venue midband 5G network at Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium in Canton, Ohio. The network enabled unprecedented download speeds of more than 600 megabits per second in the 23,300-seat stadium while it was full of fans, a feat only made possible by JMA’s distributed antenna system (DAS). JMA’s TEKO DAS, which was deployed in the stadium in 2018 by ExteNet as the neutral-host provider, required no additional cost, labor, or modifications to support the newly upgraded, multi-carrier 5G network. JMA’s TEKO DAS is the only DAS capable of supporting 5G-midband networks with this degree of performance and efficiency.

Deployed years in advance of the commercial readiness of the 5G radio air interface standard, TEKO DAS’ high performance and ultrawide band capability enabled the stadium to easily upgrade to 5G. Once the 5G network was up and running, speed tests consistently showed performance of over 600 megabits per second during the game. The network allowed tens of thousands of fans to enjoy high-speed 5G connectivity simultaneously, a challenging task in large venues like the Hall of Fame Stadium.

“This historic first is a powerful demonstration of what’s possible for thousands of venues across the country where JMA’s TEKO DAS is deployed. With its high performance and unique band capability, TEKO DAS is 5G-ready and future-proof, making it easy for venues to upgrade to 5G, with no additional investment or new equipment,” said Todd Landry, Corporate Vice President, Product and Market Strategy at JMA Wireless. “We are proud to have worked alongside ExteNet to bring this high-speed performance to fans in Canton, Ohio, and we look forward to the opportunities in front of us with venues nationwide.”

“Getting the network ready for the 2021 season inaugural game was our priority and we are extremely pleased with the 5G performance on game day at the stadium,” said Kevin Gallagher, Senior Vice President, Product & Marketing for ExteNet. “Together with JMA Wireless, our best-in-class wireless infrastructure and network operations enabled a superior fan experience, as evident from the throughput data for a major carrier. We’re honored to serve our venue and carrier partners, improve network performance, and deliver the ultra-fast and high-bandwidth connectivity that users need to accentuate their game-day experience. Thanks to all those involved, and we look forward to bringing this level of service to all of our venue partners.”

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A disruptive force in the wireless industry, JMA is restoring U.S. leadership in wireless technology at a critical time in the transition to 5G. Based in Syracuse, New York, JMA makes the world’s most advanced software-based 5G platform, which it designs, codes, and manufactures in the United States. JMA’s cutting-edge technology—most notably a revolutionary software solution called XRAN—is ushering in a new era of innovation and connectivity for businesses, workers, and ultimately consumers. For more information, visit

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Lisle, IL-based ExteNet Systems, Inc. is the nation’s largest privately held provider of converged communications infrastructure and services addressing outdoor and in-building wireless, fiber and other advanced connectivity needs of its customers. Our customers include mobile network operators (MNOs), real estate owners, property managers, wholesale carriers, enterprises, municipalities, and rural carriers. Our outdoor small cell and DAS networks are deployed in a variety of urban, suburban, and rural environments while indoor networks are deployed in iconic sports and entertainment venues, convention centers, commercial office buildings, college campuses, healthcare facilities, hotels and resorts, and transit systems nationwide. For more information, please visit “ExteNet®” is a registered trademark of ExteNet Systems, Inc.

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