Washington, DC; August 9, 2022 – JMA Wireless CEO John Mezzalingua issued the following statement after joining President Biden, Commerce Secretary Raimondo, and Leader Schumer at the White House today for an event to celebrate signing the CHIPS and Science Act of 2022 into law:

“Today, the enactment of CHIPS is bigger than any one company, it’s about ensuring we no longer outsource our future. The United States has finally woken up to what the Chinese Communist Party has known for a long time – that 5G will become the central nervous system that connects and controls all other infrastructure,” says Mezzalingua. “The free world will depend on it – our homes, schools, jobs, water systems, electrical grids, transportation networks, manufacturing, and military. It’s a strategic asset that America must own.”


About JMA Wireless
Founded in 2012, JMA is restoring U.S. leadership in wireless technology at a critical time in the transition to 5G. Based in Syracuse, New York, JMA makes the world’s most advanced and only all-software-based 5G platform, which it designs, codes, and manufactures in the United States. JMA’s cutting-edge technology—most notably a revolutionary software solution called XRAN—is ushering in a new era of innovation and connectivity for businesses, workers, and ultimately consumers. For more information, visit www.jmawireless.com.


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