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Multi-Access Edge Compute



Latency – Cloud computing does not work well for low latency applications and services



Cost – As more data is generated & consumed by devices, moving all that data to and from the Cloud has significant cost impacts



Reliability – Intermittent cloud connectivity and bandwidth bottlenecks significantly impact QoS and can result in disrupted operations, wrong decisioning and poor user experience



Security – Cloud computing is centralized in nature and as such security issues impact multiple users and large data sets

Introducing CUSP Edge Compute Services Platform

ETSI MEC Compliant

Integrated with XRAN

Built for Private 5G & LTE Networks

Implements key high value edge services for caching, CDN and IoT compute

CUSP Edge Compute Services

Current mobile networks deployments typically send all user plane data back to the core network with no model to process and act on user plane data either in the core network or on edge nodes close to end users.

With CUSP Edge compute services, private networks can offload user plane data to local compute nodes for processing and action.
Since edge compute nodes are collocated with RAN gear, latency is significantly reduced and since less data is sent back to a cloud, backhaul utilization and associated costs are reduced as less data is sent, processed and stored in the cloud.

Additionally, sensitive mission critics data stays within the confines of an edge node (typically at customer premises) which helps overall data security.